Who is running the country?

Civil rights campaigner Brebner Changala has called on the government to explain who is running the country.

Changala who has supported the call for a medical board said the action of the speaker of the National Assembly to relegate a full cabinet minister from the front to the bank bench was unprecedented, in the history of the country.

.  He said the government must offer an explanation before the country is plunged into chaos, “At what time did the Speaker know that Lubinda was no longer a cabinet minister and who informed him?” he asked.

Lubinda, he said, appeared puzzled and taken aback by the action. “Is the Speaker in possession of Lubinda’s dismissal letter, which letter Lubinda is not privy to or has the Speaker joined the cartel that is holding the President hostage?”

Mr. Changala said he was concerned by the deliberate confusion in governance caused by the Executive.

He said “We hardly hear of benchmarks of campaign promises.  More often than not we hear about who they are going to sort out next thereby creating more enemies than friends of the system.  “I am therefore joining other well meaning citizens who are demanding a medical board to certify the suitability of the President to govern.  It is clear to all that there are undeniable signs that have emerged recently that the president is not enjoying good health.  In the interests of the country and the people of Zambia the Chief Justice must constitute a medical board to satisfy the suitability of the President continuing to run the country,” he said”

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