Winter Kabimba is a Fraud!!

Statement by Lucky Mulusa, MP.

It is not my intention to keep on writing. But then, it is difficult to ignore what is going on in my beloved Zambia. Twice in a week, I am reminded of the presence of misplaced leadership in our country. I am battling to understand how Mr Kabimba’s declaration that Zambia supports Cuba against the US will assist with our renaissance. Where are the voices of reason in PF and I know they are there, but why are they in the background?

Dear Zambians help me, how does Kabimba’s declaration that Zambia supports Cuba against the US assist our renaissance? That out-dated statement by Kabimba shows that he went there for something else. I know that it was not for the purpose of strengthening the cultural, health nor educational alliances with Cuba. One then can only suspect that the only reason Kabimba went to Cuba was to probably pretend to be looking for suitable medical facilities for whoever it is. What more with the fact that Cuba keeps on giving Hugo Chaves new leases of life? Cuba must definitely be a better destination than England and India. These are the thoughts of those that love whoever it is. But then, the vulture Kabimba, like all vultures, would like to appear as if he cares more than anyone else. But we all know he does not care for whoever it is. In fact he wants whoever it is out of wherever he is like yesterday! That is why he is hounding out any perceived opponent in PF so that when that time comes, he will be the heir apparent.

In fact our suspicion that something is about to happen to whoever it is, is informed by Kabimba’s behaviour. Why is he in a hurry to consolidate himself? Does he know something we do not know? Are we not going for elections in 2016 and 2021 and whoever it is plans to serve two terms until 2021? Why is Kabimba behaving the way he is doing. Does whoever it is not know that his real enemy is Kabimba and not MMD/UPND? Deductive reasoning comes into play and the answer is that Kabimba is telling us something we do not know!

Let me get back to the Kabimba declaration in Cuba. Since Kabimba says “Zambia supports”, it means he was representing us. But he should represent us on ideals we can defend wherever we are. The international community has moved on from the West/East or Communism/Capitalism discourse. So the declaration is out dated and is therefore appropriately ignored – it has no relevance in the 21st Century. Even Cuba itself is not interested. Cuba right now wishes to better its relationship with the US under Obama and is engaging quietly. When you are making a statement as a visiting dignitary, you are guided by the message from the host country and I do not think Cuba reported the US to Kabimba that they were having challenges bettering relations. So what motivated him to say what he said?

Kabimba yours should be to achieve economic development for our country. You need to ensure that there is local economic development through enhanced citizens’ participation in the economic activities that underwrite the value chain of their GDP. I wish to be factual in my argument. This is the summary of Zambia’s journey to emancipation and it should guide our leaders’ thoughts and pronouncements so that there is a golden thread in the meeting of minds on our journey to emancipation:

In the recent past, we have heard how Zambia Sugar Company swindles us. We have also heard how apart from FQML’s Kansanshi mine, no other mine pays taxes. The annoying part is that we actually pay KCM, Lumwana, and Mopani tax refunds. They claim they are making losses but are not interested in exiting the investment! I thought the government would address the Zambian people on this situation – not make useless and out-dated pronouncements. Is it not painful that first, we gave away KCM for $25m and that the buyers actually found that money in the company coffers and on top of that, they made more profits than that in the first quarter of operations? To add insult to injury, they brought in all sorts of casual labour from India as expatriates thus further robbing us of our foreign earnings and job opportunities. And then surely we have to pay them! How stupid can we be!

Our country needs a proper leadership and Kabimba comes nowhere near that. The complexity of governance has eluded him. Where are we going? Where are we going with misplaced leaders like Kabimba? After the current government, the one that will come will perform so well that the current PF leadership will be so ashamed of the mess they will have left behind. Surgery to change facial appearances and names to avoid the discomfort of public shame will be a preferred option for some of our current leaders.

Zambia today needs more economic managers for public offices than it needs politicians – there are no ideological wars anymore. Political governance dispositions are almost homogeneous globally. Everybody including Russia and China have embraced neoliberalism. The rate of emergence of billionaires in Russia and China is higher than in the USA today. What we have now are silent economic wars. Countries are outwitting each other using ingenuity in policy formulation. 21st Century economic and political challenges require leaders with broad-spectrum backgrounds and minds. The world is ever globalising and this is posing challenges for those countries with leaderships that are unequal to the task.

So Kabimba, how does your declaration in Cuba help Zambia when we are faced with investors such as Mopani and KCM who do not promote wealth retention in our economy?

What moral right does Kabimba have to misrepresent Zambians in this manner? He is not an elected leader in any national election! PF does not have a culture of party elections and therefore Kabimba does not draw authority from this source either. So who is Kabimba? Kabimba is one of those unfortunate occurrences in families. Every family has one of such misfortunes. Zambia unfortunately has a couple of them. One of them is Kabimba and he stands out prominently.  The others, I do not wish to mention because they have been clever enough to stay away from our direct attacks.

Let us all collectively ignore Kabimba. He is a fraud! Deny him the oxygen of relevance – which is attention. So ignore him. Ignore him please! Even when you see him in parliament, in shopping malls – just ignore him. He cannot even win a branch election if he contested! He exists on the whims of the cobra – mark my words, one day the cobra will strike and Kabimba will be no more! Kabimba is morally not competent to talk on behalf of Zambians on matters he has very little understanding. Hon. Given Lubinda is greater than Kabimba. If Kabimba was dropped by Sata, he would never ever step in Parliament again except as a guest in the public gallery. Ask Sebastian Size Zulu! Lubinda is still in Parliament. Since Kabimba hates Lubinda with a passion, I challenge him to face Lubinda in Kabwata constituency. I dare you to expel Lubinda! The outcome in Kabwata will assist send the right guidance to our rural folks who are thinking that things have changed and are beginning to vote for the PF! Kabwata bye election will assist stop that. So now I am begging PF, please, please, please expel Lubinda!

Let us all see Kabimba ignored and let us see him disappear into oblivion – let us be rid of him! Everything about him is a fraud – including his elevation to SC status – the constitution only allows the President to make three such appointments per calendar year and Kabimba was the fifth appointee last year. His latest clearance by the ACC is also a fraud!

Lucky Mulusa, MP.

Solwezi Central


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  1. Mr Mulusa, I used to think that no good people can be found in MMD but after reading your two letters (the first one was on the impeachment issue) I have come to realize that I was very wrong. That MMD has very brilliant people like you but you have been overshadowed by the shallow and morraly bankrupt ‘muselela-kwa-kaba’ and ‘sebana wikute’ patients who have tarnished the image of your party. I belong to NAREP where people think like you and sense comes out of their mouths. So Zambia still has a chance of becoming a great nation very soon as long as brilliant people can keep in check the empty loud mouthed and corruption inflicted ones who have nothing to offer to mother Zambia but only misery.
    Keep it up.

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