Arrest Dr Jere for breaching Constitution

A civil rights campaigner, Brebner Changala has called for the arrest of Dr Solomon Jere, the deputy inspector general of police for crimes against the constitution and democracy following his announcement cancelling of political rallies.

Mr Changala said this was anarchy and the highest form of indiscipline and an erosion of civil rights and freedoms.

He said Dr Jere was so overzealous in an attempt to appease his superiors, that he was prepared to abrogate the constitution, the supreme law of the land.

In the interest of morality, he must resign before he is hounded out because he has become highly compromised.

And the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) says that the Zambia Police has no mandate to ban political rallies or set up an election time-table including a campaign timetable which should be respected by all stakeholders.

In a press statement released in Livingstone on Monday afternoon, ECZ Public Relations Manager Chris Akufuna said that the Commission has learnt with regret the statement made by Deputy Inspector of Police Dr Solomon Jere who yesterday banned  public rallies during the campaigns in the Livingstone  constitutively by-elections.

Mr. Akufuna reiterated that  political campaigns, including rallies for both Mpongwe and Livingstone constituencies will end tomorrow, Tuesday, 26th February at 06:00hours as stated in the in an earlier statements issued by the commissions on 10th October, 2013.

“The ECZ  has noted with regret the statement made by Dr Jere banning public rallies during campaigns in Livingstone by-election and  I wish to reiterate that political campaigns including rallies will end tomorrow the 26th of February at exactly 06:00 hours,” Mr. Akufuna said.

He stated that the Commissions was not aware of any ban of party campaigns as stated by Dr Jere  who yesterday announced the ban of all political campaigns in both Livingstone and Mpongwe .

“The Commissions  is not aware of any ban of political campaigns as announced  by Dr Jere and I want to state that it is the mandate of the Commission to set up election time table, including a campaign time table which should be adhered to by all political parties and stakeholders without exception ,” he said.”The Commission therefore regrets the confusion that has risen from the statement made by Dr Jere” he added.

He explained that the current position of the Commission is that the official campaign period ends tomorrow at 06:00 hours.

Yesterday Dr Jere announced the close of campaign activities in both Mpongwe and Livingstone by-elections set for February 28th, 2013