Munkombwe abandons relative funeral for campaign

Daniel Munkombwe has abandoned the funeral of his late young brothers’ son who died in Ndola last week to campaign for the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) candidate in the Livingstone Central by-election Evans Lawrence.

According to a family member who preferred not to be quoted for fear of victimization, Mr. Munkombwe as the only remaining eldest father was supposed to take care of the funeral of the late Muleya Mweetwa Munkombwe  his nephew but decided to go into campaigns for the PF in Livingstone.

Muleya Munkombwe was buried on Saturday in Ndola instead of Choma.

The family member said that Mr. Munkombwe refused also to allow the burial to take place at the farm in Choma as per procedure suggesting that it would disturb the campaign programme as he would be required to be around the funeral.

“We were shocked that our uncle who is our surviving father now Mr. Munkombwe decided to go into campaigns after he was informed about the death of his nephew Muleya Mweetwa Munkombwe who died in Ndola. We told him about the decision to transport the body of the late to Choma for burial as per traditional procedure but he refused and said it would disturb the campaigns. He informed us that he would only send hit two wives to be part of the family at the funeral,” the family member said.

The family member said that it was shameful for the family to hear that, “Uncle Munkombwe who was supposed to handle all issues of the funeral being the only remaining oldest father in our family is in campaigns and cannot attend the funeral of his own son.”

When contacted for a comment to why he decided to abandon the funeral for campaigns, Mr. Munkombwe said that he would not talk about it because he had done everything required before he cut the line.

Mr. Munkombwe who is still in Livingstone on a campaign trail for the PF candidate said that the PF were closing up and was confident that they would scoop the Livingstone.

“We are closing up and I think looking at the signs the PF is getting the seat. What do you know about the funeral? I will not tell you anything because I did everything,” he said before hanging up the phone.

Mr. Munkombwe, a former provincial minister in the MMD government and a close friend to former President Rupiah Banda has taken not a surprise twist for many to support the PF government and its leadership, the party he strongly criticized.

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