Lubinda speaks out

Former Foreign Affairs Minister Given Lubinda says he has never been betrayed by President Michael Sata and that the impression created that he was under siege was wrong.

    “Let me make it categorical that at no time have I ever felt betrayed H.E. Michael Sata and at no time whatsoever have I had any impression that he had  betrayed me  he assured me that all was well regarding my disciplinary issue.

   In addition I was not in any way shocked by what happened at the National Assembly unlike what your unnamed source reported to you.

Mr. Lubinda was responding to a story from a Daily Nation source published on Monday which suggested that he was shocked at his dismissal and subsequent removal from the front bench, “you may wish to know that I was already on the back bench when the Speaker ruled on a point of order raised by  Zambezi West Member of Parliament Mr Charles Kakoma… it is therefore mischievous and totally uncalled for to create the impression that I was ambushed and that I had gone to parliament without prior knowledge of where I was going to sit in the chamber.”

He added in his letter, “Your reference to President Sata as having assured me that all was well and your reference to the Honourable Speaker as having informed me about a development which was not communicated to me by the appointing authority have the effect of damaging the relation that I have with the two named officials.  This obviously cannot be accepted as good and fair journalism.”

Mr. Lubinda subsequently asked the Daily Nation to name the source of the story who would be put to strict proof of the validity of the allegations or retract the story as it was aimed at drawing him into discussing the disciplinary case against him in the press. “A practice which I have so far refused to do.”