Livingstone death mystery deepens

Mystery has deepened over the death of  PF Cadre Harrison Chanda, who died in Livingstone last week.

The body was found in Libuyu township which is 15km away from the UPND campaign headquarters based near Wasawange lodge on Ellaine Brittel road in town.

The body was discovered around 24.00 hours while the PF attack on the UPND campaign centre took place between 18.00 and 20.00 hours while UPND party president was being interviewed on a radio programme.

UPND spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa disclosed that the UPND headquarter which is situated in Ellaine Brittel road in town was attacked by a team of PF cadres who drove in a number of cars including GRZ vehicles.

The team attacked the centre apparently in the belief that it was vacant as they could hear UPND President Hakainde Hichilema on radio where he was being interviewed.

The armed invaders threw stones and were repelled by the UPND youths who were still at the centre having dinner and fought back

The attackers then went back into their vehicles and drove off.

The youths at the campaign centre reported the attack to UPND President Hakainde Hichilema and other senior members including Request Muntanga and Garry Nkombo .

The two Nkombo and Muntanga according to reports then drove to Livingstone Police station to report the incident of the attack and while there Obvious Mwaliteta the Western Province Minister arrived at the station and assaulted Garry Nkombo and ordered his immediate arrest.  He also ordered the arrest of any other UPND officials.  The police proceeded to Wasawange where they rounded up all the other UPND officials who were then arrested and are presently detained.

All together about 56 UPND members were arrested on Tuesday and Wednesday and were scattered in different police posts around Livingstone city.

From Wasawange to where the body was found was a distance of more than 15km,passing through town centre, past both Livingstone General Hospital and Batoka hospital and further into the interior

Where the body was found was according to Mr. Mweetwa very far, “Its difficult to see how there was a connection between the death in Libuyu and the attack, at the Wasawange UPND campaign centre,

And confirming the release of UPND president Hakainde Hichilema who was detained on Wednesday, Mr. Mweetwa said that arrest of over 56 officials by the police was a scheme by the PF government to rig the elections.

He said that his party would not allow the PF government to continue with intimidating tactics on voters and its membership, adding that Zambians should denounce the politics of anarchy, violence, lies, treachery and vengeance the PF were practicing.

Meanwhile, Mr. Hichilema has been released on a K2000 bail.