UPND candidate’s village burnt down

Suspected Patriotic Front cadres have burnt down  the village of UPND candidate Rapson Chilufya for Mpongwe constituency for unknown reasons.

Explaining the ordeal to the Daily Nation Mr Chilufya said it was very unfortunate that the ruling party had resorted to attacking his family and intimidating innocent people because the villagers had no interest in the PF candidate Gabriel Namulambe.

He said Shulumani village next to Chieftainess Malembeka’s palace was gutted at 01:00 hour’s yesterday morning but fortunately no one was hurt.

The opposition candidate said it was frustrating the PF candidates had embarked on a mission to terrorise people in the area because the people were unwilling to vote for Mr Namulambe.

“It is unfortunate that these PF thugs have resorted to attacking my family. My relatives were lucky because the houses they were sleeping in have iron sheets and had it been those that are grass thatched they would have all died.

“This is happening because of lack of leadership. What has my poor aunt got to do with elections? This is about me and it has nothing to do with the people in my village so whether they like it or not, we won’t allow the PF candidate to win this election.

“The election is only tomorrow Thursday and people are being treated like this, what more if people did not even want to talk to them. What type of a country is this that has no leadership?” Chilufya said.

And Copperbelt UPND provincial chairperson Elisha Matambo said it was time the international community took on interest in what was happening in Zambia currently.

Mr Matambo charged that there was a lot of chaos and frustration among the PF cadres and that police officers had now aligned themselves with the ruling party trashing their mandate to protect the Zambian people.

He said that for the past two weeks more armed police officers had been sent to Mpongwe in an effort to intimidate and influence the electorates on the actual day of voting.

The provincial leader warned that the situation may get worse if the leadership of this country does not want to listen to what the people were saying.

“Zambia is worse than Zimbabwe and we are asking the international community to intervene in what is happening in Zambia before many lives are lost.

We can’t go on like this. Why should people be dying all because of selfish individuals? Can President Sata put a stop to this before the situation gets worse, Zambians have been taken for granted and one day things will be worse than what the Patriotic Front thinks,” Matambo warned.

The matter was since been reported to Mpongwe and Masaiti police stations and sources from Masaiti police confirmed receiving the report but could not state the stage of investigations.

However, when contacted for a comment, Copperbelt police commissioner Mary Tembo denied the alleged arson. “There are no houses that have been burnt, right now our officers have gone to verify the reports,” said Tembo before she quickly hang up.

Last week a number of residents in Mpongwe disclosed to the media that there were so many people imported by the PF and they feared that the imported cadres might spark violence.

The Mpongwe sit is being contested by UPND’s Rapson Chilufya, PF’s Gabriel Namulambe, NAREP’s Reagan Ndhlovu, UNIP’s Kenny Kuveya and Miniver Mutesa of MMD and only female candidate.