Hunger situation in Sinazongwe heartbreaking-OYV

The reported hunger situation in Sinazongwe district makes a sad reading, says the Operation Young Voters (OYV).

In an interview, OYV executive Director Guess Nyirenda said it was sad that people in the area depended on wild foods when government had been busy exporting maize.

He said claimed that government wasted a lot of money on other things instead of addressing challenges that were facing people who voted for them to be where they were today.

Mr Nyirenda said that the PF had subjected people in rural constituencies to hunger which if not seriously addressed many people would lose life.

He said poverty reduction projects were neglected by the governments, but instead they had continued wasting colossal sums of money on by elections and other things that were not even adding value for the country’s development.

Mr Nyirenda said if Mr Sata was ruling the country with Ten Commandments he claimed, why was it that he failed to address challenges facing people who had voted for him.

“You can’t imagine that people are starving and are only living on roots, this is unacceptable when a lot of money is being wasted on other things. The hunger situation reported in Sinazongwe district is really saddening and it needs attention before people lose their lives, it is sad that people can be feeding on wild fruits,” he said.

He said signs of the growing food crisis already were evident not just in Sinazongwe, but in many parts of the country, adding that the situation was critical and needed serious attention.

Mr Nyirenda urged government through the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) to had key role to ensure they addressed such situations adequately.

It was reported that over 100,000 households were depending on wild foods in Sinazongwe districts.

This came to light when the deputy minister in the office of the Vice President Harry Kalaba toured Sinazongwe.