Cite Guy Scott for contempt

Vice President Dr Guy Scott must be cited for contempt for misleading the nation that the tribunal is on when the matter has not been disposed of by the courts of law and for misusing his privileges in the house unless he is privy to information that we are not aware of, a civil rights activist has said.

And Southern African Centre for Conflict Resolution and Disputes (SACCORD) has seriously questioned the credibility of Judge Chikopa as Zambians could not expect fairness from him during the tribunal in question saying that he was inappropriate for the job.

The activist Mr Brebner Changala said that if the guidance from the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) is anything to go by Dr Scott stands charged for lying on the floor of the house.

Mr Changala noted that the statement was a full misdemeanour and challenged Dr Scott to lay facts before parliament that the tribunal which was constituted to probe the three judges was sitting at a place only known by the executive.

“Dr Scott brought the name of Parliament into contempt and disrepute and should be cited for contempt by our courts although he made a statement in the house where he enjoys his privileges.

“The relevant committee in the house must investigate the statement by the veep and ascertain if it was factual.

“Dr Scott is reminded that Parliament is not a casino where you go gambling with people’s lives. This Judge Chikopa is now a parasitic worm being paid for doing nothing while taking away our meagre resources. I will not be surprised if in future we will have a tribunal on judge Chikopa himself,” Changala said.

He advised the executive to go to parliament with researched answers based on facts and the law.

“I appeal to the foreign judge to summon his conscious and go back home and not to be part of Zambia’s many undemocratic occurrences in recent months, which bear the hallmarks of bad governance and break down of the rule of law?Judge Chikopa must be a very bad judge if he can’t see the injustice of his conduct and how do you except him to give a fair report o the three judges.

And SACCORD information officer Obby Chibuluma said that if Judge Lovemore Chikopa was a honourable judge as judges are supposed to be he must go back to Malawi.

Mr Chibuluma said that it was very unfortunate that judge Chikopa would stay in the country doing nothing while costing Zambian taxpayers a lot of money on his useless stay.

“He must search his conscious if again he has any and ask himself why he wants to continue being in Zambia doing nothing when he is fully aware that the process he was invited for has been halted by our courts.

“The process is so open that he can know where it stands even from his Malawi base. We wonder why he finds it so useful to be here making money while doing nothing.

“It’s the worst way to behave as a judge,” Chibuluma said.

The information officer observed that it was sad and clear that the foreign judge had abandoned his role to serve the people of Malawi and decided to come on a money making venture in Zambia.

Mr Chibuluma noted with regret that his continued stay in the country left his credibility in serious question as it was clear that the judge was desperate for money and that he did not care about a country spending money on his holiday.

The civic leader advised the Zambian government to not only talk about prudence but to practise it and that its absence was evident in the way it had handled the invitation and continued stay of Judge Chikopa. “While the inquiry he is to undertake may be necessary, his behaviour makes him inappropriate for the job as he has shown a lot of selfishness and strange appetite for wanting to earn money while not doing anything.

‘The vice president Dr Guy Scott must tell us what he is doing if not just sitting in his hotel. We all know that the courts have halted the inquiry so what work is he doing? Are they again going against a court order?” Chibuluma questioned.