Gen. Miyanda condemns by elections as being wasteful

Heritage party leader Brigadier general Godfrey Miyanda has accused President Michael Sata of inducing expensive and wasteful by elections by appointing opposition members of parliament.

Gen Miyanda said the proposition by President Sata that appointing opposition MPs  was creating an all inclusive government  was erroneous and a misleading fallacy because Government Minister, are by law are not allowed to speak against the Government, because they are bound by the principal of collective responsibility.

He said the action was only meant to decimate opposition presence and voice because, once appointed as a Minister an individual could not express an opinion against the Government.

The General who was speaking on cross-fireblog radio condemned the move and said that the action would obliterate the opposition voice in Zambia.

He said reading the justification of by-elections in one section of the constitution without looking at all other provisions and context was misleading because the constitution provides a comprehensive context.

PF contrary to their own assertions and it is them that are breaking the law,” he said.

Gen Miyanda advised that the same constitution should be read with other provisions that provided for multiparty democracy in a country like Zambia to exist.

He described this as an assault on Zambia’s independency because the ruing PF was deliberately infringing on the spirit and latter of multipartysm.

Meanwhile the general said that Zambia was now at what he termed “undeclared war.”The opposition leader said the war of words is what was exactly happening and has resorted to violence.

“We have already lost lives through the death of cadres who have been transported by the PF contrary to their own assertions and it is theme that are breaking the law.

“We have always condemned the importation of cadres from other areas but the both instances where death has occurred the affected are the Pf cadres.

“I don’t want what happened to Congo to happen in my country but it appears we are in the battle trenches, we have returned to the battle field position. I blame government for all this because we don’t know where we are heading to.

“I need to remind President Sata that he has not done what all the past Presidents had done. Since 2011 September he has not called for a Press Conference nor has he appeared on a National TV Programme.

“When you are elected in office you think you know so much and you can’t get ideas from other people. The approach is wrong because he has not explained why he doesn’t want to appear in the public and give chance to the Press to ask him question. I feel he must appear and give an explanation though it is already late,” Miyanda said.

He said the trend where the president only speaks through his Special Assistant for press was wrong because there was no opportunity to ask for clarifications.

He vowed that he would not fold his arms while democratic principles in the country were being eroded. “We fought for independence from oppressors but what is happening now is probably worse than what we fought against,” he said.