Mpongwe ‘elections’ police still unpaid

More than 90 police officers from Kitwe who were deployed in Mpongwe district to provide security during the just ended by-election complained that they have not been paid, despite pronouncements to be pay in time.

The officers, who complained to media, said they had not been paid the K900, 000 which they were supposed to be paid while in Mpongwe.

Apart from not being paid the K900, 000 which they were promised, the officers said they were working without proper meals and that in some circumstances; they were forced to beg food from villagers during the said operations.

“We have been working without proper meals since we came here in Mpongwe. Sometimes we were forced to beg money from villagers and the money which were supposed to be paid while in operation, we have not been paid. were promised to be paid K900,000 each, but nothing has come,” said some police officers in Mpongwe on Friday afternoon.

But when contacted for a comment, Copperbelt Police Commanding Officer Mary Tembo told the Daily Nation Reporter to talk to referred all the issues on the matter to the police accountant.

Several police officers have complained against the harsh condition they were being exposed to in their line of duty when they are made to go without food.

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  1. it will serve you right because when you were there you intimidated the villagers and the opposition you were partisan you heavy handedly dealt with the opposition even when you knew that they were are there to serve every zambian not only sata and his minions.good for you stop complaining it is your govt with sata

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