Mubukwanu angers people of N-Western Province

The people of North Western Province have accused their provincial Minister Nathaniel Mubukwanu of violating the electoral code of conduct.

In an interview with the Daily Nation, a representative from acting chief Chiengele of the Mbunda people in Kabompo district Fredrick Soneka said it was sad that the minister could deceive people that development could only come to their area if they voted for the PF.

He said Mr Mubukwanu should have campaigned for PF candidates based on national issues and not through misrepresentation.

He was commenting on remarks allegedly by Mr Mubukwanu who was reported to have said that the people of North Western Province could only see development if they voted for the PF government, in the just ended local government by elections.

Mr Mubukwanu was further accused of promising the people of Kabompo a new chief once they voted for the PF candidate.

And Mr Soneka charged that government officials have nothing to do with the traditional affairs.

He said forcing people to vote for a particular candidate was violating their rights of choosing their preferred candidate, adding it was not helping but instead bringing divisions among the people.

He challenged the government to state the clause in the constitution indicating that development could only be realised when there was a representative from government.

Mr Soneka alleged that rampant vote buying had compromised the electoral code of conduct as some victories were based on bribes.

“As the representative from the royal family, I am not happy with the way the provincial minister Mr Mubukwanu was campaigning, how he can mislead people like that. He promised them thingsĀ  he knew he cannot do it. The politicians must not engage in traditional affairs to bring divisions between people but they must do their campaigns based on national issues not intimidating people,” he said.

And Mr Mubukwanu could not be reached for a comment.