Impeachment gains support

President Sata should not be shocked by the growing number of Zambians who want him impeached as a result of escalating violence and degeneration of the rule of law in country, political activist Dante Saunders has said.
He warned that the growing fear that Zambia was being turned into a one party state through authoritarian rule dictated by a known kitchen cabinet of “three”  people including the  President was estranging a wide section of society including senior members of  Patriotic Front who felt sidelined.
The legal fraternity has already expressed anxiety and serious concern about the inordinate control and influence of the Kitchen cabinet on the judiciary- a vital pillar of good governance, justice and equity.
The impunity of police who were refusing to obey court orders were indicative of malaise in the system.
“President Michael Sata is wrong if he thinks he is a God and can not be impeached simply because he is in control of power” he said.
He explained the beating up of people, smashing of vehicles in Mpongwe and the violence in Livingstone were some of the things that were worrying well meaning Zambians who were concerned that the  peace and harmony that Zambia enjoyed would  degenerate into lawlessness.
It was clear, he said, that in their impunity the police were acting on orders.
“Nobody is saying that government can not work with the opposition but it’s the way this regime is trying to go about it which is worrisome.  The kitchen cabinet of four is well aware that the country is on a downward spiral even though they are pretending that all is well.  President Sata must be impeached because he thinks he is the law and that’s why violence has escalated to another level, even when we have a President in office,” Mr Saunders said.
“This government is doing things deliberately with a view to annoy citizens so that we can react. And it is clear that if we reacted the state will impose a state of emergency because Mr Sata wants to rule by decree.  As long as the state of emergency is in effect, there will be no elections and this will give them an opportunity to take us back to a one party state.
“If Sata found it fit to campaign while in opposition why doesn’t he find it fit for others to campaign this time around? Even in the days of President Kaunda, people were allowed to talk and even chiefs would talk but not we are seeing in this country today. Are we going back toolden days all because we have a person in office that does not believe in democracy,” he said.
Mr Saunders said no one can advise Mr Sata because he had no time to listen and that was the more reason why he should be impeached.
He said so far most people even those that had previously thought Mr Sata would make a good leader were now supporting the calls to impeach him.