Input transporters cry for their money

The transporters that were contracted to transport Fertilizer to other parts of the country are shocked that the ministry of justice will scrutinise their payment agreement before paying them their dues.
Some transporters that were contracted to transport fertilizer through out the country under the Farmer Input Support Programme (FISP) have complained that government has failed to pay them their dues after finishing their job.
The transporters told the Daily Nation normally it would take three weeks for the Ministry of Agriculture to pay after the deliveries but said that this time it was worse.
They said as for now there was no indication as to when the ministry would pay them.
The transporters explained they were disappointed because they borrowed finances to enable them carry out their duties and they were now threatened them with legal action.
“We are tired of the excuses from the Ministry of Agriculture. Each time we go there, they tell us new stories. Things never used to be like this in the past as every time we finished transporting inputs the Ministry would pay us with in a period of three weeks.
“It not always that we have money when transporting these inputs, some of us borrow fuel from the oil marketing companies and some of us who borrowed are now being threatened with legal action all because we have also run out of excuses.
“We don’t understand why this has taken so long because we started the deliveries in October and always money is available but they are telling us to wait because someone needs to approve our papers something that was done when signing the contracts,” one of the transporters said.
The transporters who collected inputs from Nyiombo and Omnia said it was sad that government had failed to honour the agreement.
“Yesterday (Monday) we went to the ministry but an officer told us that a named minister had requested to check the list of transporters.
“The official information is that the payments can only be ready once the papers came back from the Justice ministry but ever since we started transporting these inputs, there was nothing like papers going to the Justice Ministry and we demand that the Minister Robert Sichinga tell us what is happening,” another man said.
The transporters said government should first come up with a payment plan before contracting people to transport the import for them as this will provide efficiency on their part.

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