Empowerment if female journalist vital- ZAMWA

The Zambia Media Women (ZAMWA) has demanding that media organisations should empower female journalists with tools, knowledge and confidence to serve as prominent voices on national and international issues.

ZAMWA has noticed that the balance between men and women in media management is still tilted towards male colleagues, a sad situation that urgently needs correction.

In line with this year’s theme of the International Women’s Day, Gender Agenda: Gaining Momentum ZAMWA is disappointed that in Zambia, the media landscape is still male dominated, with very few organisation giving chance to women.

“We need to see greater opportunities for female journalists to move up the corporate ladder and receive equal treatment as their male colleagues,” states ZAMWA Chairperson Mrs. Felistus Chipako Nwaneri. “It is not proper that women in the media advocate for rights to inclusiveness when they are lagging behind when it comes to occupying leadership positions or in decision making in their own organisation.”

ZAMWA is also calling upon women in the media to push away timidity and to show assertiveness as they aspire for leadership positions.

“When you are confident, it will show and others will have faith in you. That is what attracts leadership,” stated Mrs. Nwaneri. “Work hard as women and rub off the perception that a woman in the media can only climb the corporate ladder using unconventional means. Let us prove that fallacy wrong by always displaying professionalism in our dressing, relationships with sources and our reporting. Remember that no press is truly free unless women have an equal voice.”

The Zambia Media Women Association is also disappointed that Parliament has once again failed to table the Freedom of Information Bill (FoI) in its current seating.`

“We would like to remind the government that a promise is a promise and it should be honoured,” she said.