Man assaulted by PF cadres arrested, detained

The assault and subsequent detention of UPND cadre by Patriotic Front cadres has been reported to the Human Rights Commission (HRC).

HRC says that it had received a complaint from the UPND that another party cadre had been assaulted.

Humphrey Bwalya was allegedly assaulted in Kaunda Square by suspected Patriotic Front (PF) supporters on Sunday 3rd March 2013 after accusing him of being complicit in the Livingstone violence that resulted in the death of PF cadre Harrison Chanda.

Commission Education and information officer Samuel Kasankha confirmed that the PF cadres alleged that Mr Bwalya was assaulted on suspicion that he was part of the group that allegedly murdered their member in Livingstone last week.

Mr Kasankha said according to the complaint by the UPND, Mr Bwalya was being held without charge at Chelston Police while nursing wounds from the attack.

The Commission, he said has since launched investigations into the alleged assault.

And UPND deputy national secretary Kachunga Simusamba said Mr Bwalya was still in custody at the police station without any charge and without medical attention.

Mr Simusamba explained that the police officers found on duty said that they could not release Bwalya because they were not the ones that effected the arrest.

He said the officers claimed that some police officers from Kalingalinga were the ones that had brought him to Chelston police.

The opposition leader said that from the look of things justice would not prevail and the would follow up the matter with Kalilngalinga police.

“Yes I can confirm that Bwalya is still in police custody at Cheston police. But what is unfortunate is that the police officers instead of arresting the persons that assaulted him went for the victim because the others belong to the ruling party.

“How can we say justice would be attained when the culprits are let scot free? He is in custody with his wounds and this is inhuman. We shall follow up the matter with Kalingalinga police and hear why they took him to the police station instead of the clinic,” Simusamba said.