Nkombo medical report vanishes

The medical report for Mazabuka Member of Parliament Garry Nkombo who was allegedly assaulted by Western Province Minister Obvious Mwaliteta has gone missing.

Nkombo was admitted to the hospital on Monday after an order from Magistrate Chola Musonda  who has since opened a charge of assault against the Minister.  Mr. Nkombo was on Wednesday scheduled to return back to the Livingstone central remand prison but only discovered that the medical report was missing from his file.

UPND member George Mwinga who was at the bedside confirmed the development to journalists in Livingstone that the medical report has vanished from the file in unexplained circumstance.

Mr. Mwinga said that nurses at the high cost ward where Nkombo was admitted are saying that the medical report was given to one of the police officers.

But Mr. Mwinga said that since Monday when Nkombo was admitted, relatives have been pursuing the hospital authorities to release the medical report to them but nurses have been giving excuses that the report was not yet signed by the doctor.

He said that UPND find it fishy for a single document to go missing leaving out other documents in the same file.

“As people, who have been with him since the day he was admitted, we find this fishy and something has gone wrong somewhere,”

Mr. Mwinga suspected that someone could have been instructed to pull out the report from the file.

He said that the issue of the missing medical report is subject for clarification.

One of the nurses who were at pains to explain how the medical report went missing said, that it was only her fellow nurses who were on duty on the day Nkombo was admitted who could indicate where the report was.The nurse however insisted that the report could have been given to the officer who was guarding Nkombo at the hospital the first day he was admitted.

Mr. Nkombo’s family relatives and members of the UPND demanded that the nurse who was on duty the first day he was admitted be called by hospital authorities so that she could explain, what had transpired.Meanwhile, sources in Livingstone have disclosed that there was a high possibility of the document being in PF’s hands.

And the Daily Nation has learnt that some sources are claiming that Garry Nkombo’s fractured arm  was as a result of the way he feel of when he was playing soccer at prisons ground and not that he was beaten.