Police scared of PF cadres

Former Matero Member of Parliament Faustina Sinyangwe has accused the Zambia Police Service of failing to protect her from the criminal activities of the Patriotic Front (PF) cadres who have taken over her property.

Ms Sinyangwe said the police at Matero have refused to attend to her matter concerning the car wash that was taken over by some PF cadres who have since declared it the party constituency office.

“Since I reported the matter, even after presenting my offer letter to the police, they have not made any efforts in following-up the matter, they have not even been to there to see what was happening, they are not interested,” she said.

She explained that despite producing the letter of offer of land from the authority, Police have refused to involve themselves in the matter which they have advised to be sorted out with an amicably,.

“Since when did police have an amicable way in dealing with criminals?  Of course I understand some of them even said they could lose their jobs but that is unprofessional,” she said.

She questioned the police strategy in advising her to avoid going to the area to steer clear of being attacked which clearly showed that they were aware of the criminal activity at the place.

“It baffles me why the Police have become PF! It is a straight forward matter and I don’t know where PF comes in.  That is my property! I built that with my own resources and not with Community Development Funds (CDF) as being purported by some people,” she said.

She said the only option left to help her could was to take the matter to court since she has failed to get assistance from the police.

Last Friday, some PF cadres in Matero grabbed a building meant for a car wash and turned it into the PF secretariat which was private property belonging to the former area MP Ms Sinyangwe.