UNZA student challenges US Ambassador Storella

A student at the University of Zambia (UNZA) has called on American Ambassador to Zambia Mark Storella to come out in open and tell the people of Zambia the truth on the allegation that he persuaded former President Rupiah Banda to concede defeat.

In an interview David Masupa, said it was high time Zambian people learn to appreciate what their statesman Mr Banda was doing in Africa, rather than issuing statements that were denting his image.

He doubted if there would be any leader who could emulate what the former head of State was doing, not only for Zambia but the entire Africa.

Mr Masupa said statements to disgrace Mr Banda were not helpful, adding that if other countries recognised his capability what could made Zambians to doubt his effort.

“Zambian must learn to appreciate what the former Head of state is doing, because this recognition is not meant for him alone, but Zambia can benefit from that, and it will be prudent if what he is doing is also appreciated by the Zambian people,” he said.

He said that the role the former president took should be supported by all Zambians because he was doing it on behalf of the people of Zambia.”All this is showing that he is a peaceful man who needs supports from all who meant well for this country because he is lifting the lag of mother Zambia,” he said.

Zambians should take pride in fellow Zambians such as Mr Banda who were making a mark on the international scene.He said the mission taken by Mr Banda was well known, and wondered why the Ambassador could have been caught up in such a statement.But Mr Banda refuted allegations that Storella persuaded him to concede defeat when he lost the 2011 presidential elections.

Mr Banda is in Kenya where he is among 50 heads of election observation missions.

The former Zambian head of State felt that the Kenyan elections which took place proved that Kenyans were ready to move forward and close the sad chapter of the 2007 elections.