Police abduct Nkombo

Heavily armed paramilitary officers on Friday midnight stormed Livingstone Hospital and abducted UPND Mazabuka Member of Parliament Garry Nkombo from the Livingstone General Hospital where he was recovering from alleged assault by PF Western Province Minister Obvious Mwaliteta.
Southern Province Commissioner of Police Charity Katanga confirmed Mr. Nkombo had been taken back to the remand Prison as he was in the hands of the prisons authorities and not the police.
“He was discharged and was  taken away back to the prison. He is no longer in our hands but the prisons authority. He is supposed to be in prison and we have nothing to do with him,” said Ms. Katanga.
She could not explain why it was the Police and not Prison officers who took Mr. Nkombo back to Remand Prison.
Ms. Katanga claimed that Mr. Nkombo had overstayed in the hospital after his discharge but hospital authorities denied having discharged Mr. Nkombo.
When asked to state why police decided to pick Mr. Nkombo who she claimed was discharged in the middle of the night, Ms. Katanga said that she was not aware of the time he had been taken and that the best place for Mr. Nkombo was in prison.
But hospital officials from Livingstone General Hospital told the Daily Nation that Mr. Nkombo was not discharged from hospital as he was still under medication and that no Doctor had discharged him.
The hospital official said that it was shocking how a horde of armed paramilitary police officers stormed the hospital ward where Mr. Nkombo was admitted and took him without hospital authority.
“We just saw over ten armed paramilitary police officers going to the ward where Mr. Nkombo was admitted at midnight. And when we followed to see what was happening, we found them waking him up and saying that Charity Katanga wanted to have a word with him and would come back afterwards but surprisingly we were only told later in the early hours of yesterday that he was taken to the remand prison. They got him just like that before the Doctor could discharge him. This man was not discharged. Ask Dr. Lutangu Alisheke over the matter,” the hospital official said.
UPND spokesperson Charles Kakoma also confirmed the action by the police of taking away Mr. Nkombo before he could be discharged from hospital by medical doctors.
UPND Livingstone District spokesperson Neto Halwabala described the action by the police to take away Mr. Nkombo in the middle of the night as abduction.
He said that the officer who picked Mr. Nkombo from the hospital told him that the police commissioner wanted to see him but was only surprised to be taken to the prison.
Mr. Halwabala said that the UPND was demanding for an explanation from both police and hospital on what happened to their member.
“The situation in the country is serious and getting out of hand. Honestly how can a patient be abducted by police at the hospital in the manner the PF police did without the courtesy to communicate with his lawyers or even Doctors?” he wondered.
He charged that the current situation was not heathy for Mr. Nkombo adding that UPND would not accept any lies but the truth.
And a check by the Daily Nation yesterday revealed that Mr. Nkombo was not in the hospital.