Sinyangwe tells off PF cadres

Controversy has erupted over former Matero MP Faustina Sinyangwe’s property grabbed by PF cadres.
“We grabbed the property as a sign of peaceful protest against illegal building by Ms Sinyangwe, and because of her, our people also started constructing some structures at the same area because they saw their former MP building,” PF Constituency chairman Morgan Ng’ona admitted.
But when contacted, Ms Sinyangwe explained that issues of land allocation was under the local authority and wondered why the PF cadres wanted to come in.
“The cadres have got nothing to do with land issues this is an issue between the council and I. There is no way they can say it is not my land when I have letters of offer of land from the local authority,” she said.
Ng’ona alleged that Mrs Sinyangwe failed to provide valid documents to prove that the land belonged to her on the ground that her lease was expired.
Mr Ng’ona claimed Ms Sinyangwe built a permanent structure at place where only temporary structures were allowed, and also accused her for having set a bad precedence to the people of Matero.
He explained that he grabbed the property on his capacity as constituency chairman, to show the area people that Ms Sinyangwe set a bad precedence by then area MP by building a permanent structure on an illegal place.
“Yes we have taken over the land and we are not going to use it but we will wait for the council to come in because Ms Sinyangwe has no right to build a permanent structure there, and such had led to residents building illegal structures that is why we started with her as a leader” he said.
He told the Daily Nation that Ms Sinyangwe’s failure to provide with her valid documents indicated that she owned the land legally.

One thought on “Sinyangwe tells off PF cadres

  1. But where is this fellow N’gona and his friends drawing authority from to grab land from others? If this is not anarchy then I do not know what it is. Surely, we cannot have a ruling party that allows its cadres to break the law with impunity. If this kind of behaviour continues, those who will feel oppressed by the cadres will have no choice but to take the law into their own hands as well.

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