Where are we going?

The abduction of UPND spokesman Charles Kakoma’s wife is the lowest point in our fast deteriorating political character and nature of our beautiful and peaceful country.
A democracy that held so much promise is undoubtedly unraveling and doing so at phenomenal speed.
Clearly Kakoma was targeted and the modus operandi is sickeningly familiar.
The people who abducted her knew exactly who they were targeting and also understood the impact it would have on the opposition. By any accounts this was a political abduction, which should be attributed to the hate speech and politics of attrition that the ruling party has engaged in.
Indeed stories abound in whispered conversation that we have a parallel intelligence service which is neither accountable to nor responsible to any structured state system. Whether this exists or not is another matter.
What is clear is that the is no longer any civility, no appreciation of common purpose and indeed no understanding of our common destiny. The elongated election season has been put in full gear regardless of the colossal cost in order to vanquish and ultimately decimate the opposition.
Clearly in the escalation, individual politicians are now being targeted with the sole purpose of demoralizing and therefore immobilizing political oversight.
Those in power believe that what happens to those they rule will not happen to them. This is folly. Proverbs 26;27 says “If a man digs a pit, he will fall into it; if a man rolls a stone, it will roll back on him.”
Once a culture has been created there is no telling where it will end. These abductions are familiar. Samson Zulu and his colleague Chileshe were abducted in full view of the cameras while the Patriotic Front was in opposition and those responsible were arrested and prosecuted. They are now walking the streets because they were pardoned- even before the cases had run their full course in the courts of law.
Other people can see that impunity at the top goes without punishment. Serious crimes against people, property and the laws of Zambia are being condoned, making it difficult if not impossible to exert any moral persuasion to enforce the rue of law.
We have said several times that the country is slowly but surely embracing tenets of impunity which will erode and undermine  the culture of liberal democracy that the country has won from the one party authoritarian regime.
It is such things as the unprecedented decision by the deputy Inspector General of Police Dr. Solomon Jere to ban opposition political parties from holding rallies, the abduction by Police of   a patient in Hospital who happened to be an opposition member, indeed the fact that two opposition leaders are in courts of law having been arrested by the Police.Dr Jere is a public officer who should not engage in politics and who indeed must ensure that the law is maintained. Sadly his involvement in matters political will go a long way in confirming the blurring of roles, which will spell danger to democracy.

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