Chanda’s murder, PF cadre charged

The Livingstone Magistrate Court has charged a PF cadre with the murder of a fellow PF cadre.
Magistrate Chola Musonda yesterday formerly charged Henry Harry Lungu 26, of Libuyu compound in Livingstone with murder of Harrison Chanda.
Mr Lungu responded in the affirmative when the charge was read for him in court and he is expected to appear in court on March 25th 2013 for mention.
Mr Chanda was killed a fortnight ago and nine opposition UPND members were arrested in connection with his death.
The PF cadre Henry Lungu early this year defected from the UPND and was introduced to the Media by Western Province Minister Obvious Mwaliteta who called a briefing at which Lungu denounced the UPND
Earlier, Mazabuka Member of Parliament Garry Nkombo and eight other UPND members who were arrested and charged in connection with the death of Chanda were released.
This follows the directive by the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) to the state prosecutors in Livingstone to discontinue the cases.
And in the same court were Mr Nkombo and Brian Mulenga and eight others who were arrested on 25th February, 2013 following the killing of PF cadre.
Mr. Nkombo and eight other UPND members were charged separately but with the same offence.
When the matter involving Brian Mulenga and seven others was called, the state prosecutor Lawrence Mudenda informed the court that the state had decided to bring the matter on Monday March 11, 2013 because they had received an instruction from the DPP’s office to discontinue the cases.
“Your honor, the matter was scheduled to come on 13th March 2013 but we have received the instruction from the office of the DPP and this is why we have called the matter today, the 11th March 2013,” Mr. Mudenda told the Magistrate as he handed over the document containing the instruction to discontinue matter.Magistrate Musonda informed Brian Mulenga, Ian Nkwale, Janny Liwakala, Bellenzi Mwamba, Sidney Kawandi, Angela Mwang’andu and Annie Mangunje that the state has decided to discontinue the prosecution of the matter.
“The proceedings in this matter are discontinued and I therefore discharge you accordingly,” Magistrate Musonda said amidst the smiles from family members who attended the session.
After the eight accused persons were discharged, the state led by Mr. Mudenda then called the matter for Garry Nkombo.Mr. Mudenda told the court that the matter was scheduled to come on 13th March 2013 but the state has received instructions from the DPP and this is why matter was Monday, March 11, 2013.
And Magistrate Musonda informed Mr. Nkombo that the proceedings in his matter had all so been discontinued and therefore discharged him accordingly.Soon after Mr. Nkombo’s matter was discharged, defence lawyer Fredrick Chunga made an application before that the medical report for their client has gone missing and efforts to locate it have not yield any results.
Another lawyer Jack Mwimbu informed the court the medical report which has gone missing was not actually authenticated as it was not signed by the doctor and asked the court to instruct the police to issue Mr. Nkombo with a new one.
Meanwhile, Mr. Garry Nkombo has condemned the behavior of the Zambia police service for not showing professionalism. Mr. Nkombo said that it was his wish to see that justice prevailed in the matter he and eight others were incarcerated for the past two weeks. He however praised the judiciary, the lawyers representing him and other.

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