Destroying the opposition

Destroying the opposition at the great expense that the Government is making through extravagant by-elections is an irresponsible and unconscionable abuse of scarce public funds.
Medical facilities in Lusaka including hospices are closed while clinics have no medicine because they have no money, but by-elections are readily funded.
It is not true, as we have said before, that appointing junior ministers in government is creating an inclusive government. It does not do so by any stretch of the imagination.
Genuine inclusivity would have entailed dialogue between the Patriotic Front and the various opposition members to discuss terms of engagement and agree on modalities of how the inclusivity would operate. In the absence of such dialogue it follows that this exercise is nothing more than a hostile attempt at subverting the people’s will.
If there was a need for additional Deputy Ministers in Government an opportunity should have been afforded to the PF back benchers to take up those positions. This would have been without the colossal cost that the people of Zambia will now suffer.
Destroying the opposition in the manner Government is doing is in fact a great disservice to the democratic enterprise that the people of Zambia have embarked upon in 1991. This Government is the result of that effort.
This Government is in power because the Zambian people across all regional, tribal and social groupings and especially the youths voted it into power for the promise of jobs and money it made to the people of Zambia in a free and open democratic environment.
The 2011 elections were not a choice between alternative political philosophies, they were a choice between the immediate promises, and what was perceived to be a failure by the previous Government to provide money and jobs.
It was a national effort at remedying that anomaly.
Any attempt to philosophize and offer intellectual interpretation to what was really an action of expedience is not only flawed but a failure to read Zambian politics correctly. Poaching by any name, will remain as such, an attempt to abuse encumbency and national resources.
Mukobeko deaths
The Government must come clean on the alleged Mukobeko deaths.
It is not good enough to threaten prison warders with disciplinary action for disclosing confidential information. The truth must be told.
There must be an inquest of those dead bodies found at the Kabwe General Hospital mortuary to determine the cause of death and identity and those responsible must be held accountable in accordance with the law.
The public relation gimmick of moving prisoners from one prison to another will not change the situation.
Every death must be treated with respect, regardless of the person concerned.
Indeed President Nelson Mandela has intoned very aptly that a nation is judged by the manner it treats its prisoners.
Therefore the truth about Mukobeko must be told.