RB immunity removal; Bring the facts

The plan to use the Church to support the removal of immunity of former President Rupiah Banda will not succeed as this is meant to settle personal scores says Bishop Peter Ndhlovu.
Bishop Ndhlovu said it was clear that the people that were spear heading the calls to have Mr Banda’s immunity removed had no facts but just wanted to use others for their own benefit.
He said there was no reason as to why people should support the calls to have Mr Banda’s immunity stripped off.
The Bishop said this action if supported would only belittle the office of the President because this was all based on speculation and not facts.
Bishop Ndhlovu who is overseer for the Bible Gospel Church in Africa (BIGOCA) said the statements issued by the Zambia Episcopal Conference and the other two church mother bodies have already given the position on the matter.
“We regret that these people now want to use the Church but they have no proof as to what offence Mr Banda has committed in the three years he was in office.“Why should the Church support something that was not there? We know for a fact that this group of people is getting money from the donors to do this and force churches to support the calls.
“Let me make it clear to the people that want to use the Church to support this unpopular that the church is above politics. BIGOCA will be non partisan and support the government of the day but when the error we shall reprimand them,” he said. Bishop Ndhlovu noted that Zambia as a country had set a bad and very dangerous precedent because the Constitution was not being honoured.
He said all past Presidents should be allowed to have a peace rest from the office but unfortunately they are being put under pressure.
“This makes me wonder if becoming a President in Zambia is a curse or a blessing because if it’s a blessing people should appreciate what you do while in office.“The mistake that these people are making is that they are comparing President Banda with President Chiluba. President Chiluba’s immunity was removed within the party but for Mr Banda it is just individuals that have something against him.“As a church we don’t agree with this because it’s just people with personal issues with the former President that would want to make him a commoner. President Banda only served for three years and because certain people did not accept him as there President they still want his immunity and respected to be taken away from him,” Bishop Ndhlovu said.
He said there efforts to use the Church to start championing their ideas was a non starter as the ZEC, CCZ and EFZ had already stated their positions on the matter.The Bishop reminded Zambians that the Church will always be the church because it was above politics but politicians come and go.He said it was important that people become level headed and stop bringing the church in disrepute.