Who cleared Wynter of corruption

Parliamentarians have questioned the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) to explain to the nation how Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba was cleared of his involvement in the US$500 million trafigura oil procurement deal without being interviewed.
They also want to know if it is the new procedure to clear suspects through sneaked information or stories to one newspaper, saying that it was troubling to see how compromised ACC had become under the management of Roswin Wandi as Director General of the institution.
African Parliamentarian Network Against Corruption (APNAC) chapter chairperson Cornelius Mweetwa told the Daily Nation that the association was disturbed with reports that Mr. Kabimba was cleared by ACC of such serious corruption allegations without being interviewed.
Mr. Mweetwa said that it was only right and morally correct for ACC to now state its position on how they cleared Mr. Kabimba of such serious corruption allegations through sneaking to one newspaper secretly, a disgraced approach to the fight against corruption.
He said that if true, the conduct by the ACC of secretly clearing Mr. Kabimba was troubling and stressful to Zambians and the region.And when contacted for clarification on the clearance of Mr. Kabimba, ACC spokesperson Timothy Moono and his Assistant Christopher Chibangu refused to comment because they were on leave.
But Mr. Mweetwa has demanded that the Zambians must be informed how Mr. Kabimba was cleared on allegations of corruption.
The ACC, he said, made public announcements that they were investigating serious corruption allegations against Mr. Kabimba but now were secretly clearing Kabimba using their friends newspaper which is the highest order of immorality,” he said.Mr. Mweetwa said that it was not clear to the people of Zambia and stakeholders in the fight against corruption how Mr. Kabimba was cleared as he had not been called by ACC for investigations from the time he stormed ACC offices with cadres.
Mr. Mweetwa who is also UPND Choma Central Member of Parliament said that his association would soon lobby for international bodies to denounce the corruption at ACC because of having a PF cadre as Director General.“The public know how Kabimba made it difficult to be interviewed at the ACC offices when he went with thugs and intimidated those officers there. They made the ACC offices a ground of political hooliganism and the interview did not take place. So we want to know when did they interview Kabimba and who carried the interview and how was he cleared?” wondered Mr. Mweetwa.He said it was sad that ACC was operating as an accessory to the corruption being practiced by the PF government.Mr. Mweetwa said that ACC had developed cold feet not to investigate the corruption in the PF and that they appeared as if they could no longer do what was expected of them.