Arrest Mwaliteta

The UPND on the Copperbelt has demanded for the immediate arrest of Western Province Deputy Minister Obvious Mwaliteta for assault and warned that in the absence of such action the party will take the law in its own hands.
Provincial chairperson Elisha Matambo said party members were ready to effect citizen’s  arrest if Livingstone Police Commissioner Charity Katanga and her officers failed to arrest Mwaliteta.
Mr Matambo reminded the police that there was no one who was above the law and that it was their duty to bring criminals to book.
He said the behaviour exhibited by the police officers in Southern Province recently was a clear indication that it had been turned into another PF branch.
“We want to remind Ms Libongani, Ms Katanga and Dr Jere that Zambia police is not PF police but police for all Zambians. Mr Nkombo was assaulted in the full view of the police and nothing has been done and we are telling them that we shall take the law in our hands since they don’t want to use the law.
“We know that both Ms Libongani and Ms Katanga are working on instructions from higher office and that is the reason why they have failed to arrest Mwaliteta.
He said it was clear that Police have failed to arrest Mwaliteta because he belonged to the ruling party, adding that Mwaliteta committed a crime and only courts of law could set him free.
“That’s why they have failed to come out clean on this issue because they have told a lot of lies and they have been caught in there own web. We want Mwaliteta to be arrested.
“They have always viciously condemned such  events if an opposition member is involved but because it is their own man who  is the culprit they have kept quiet. Zambians have been pushed too far and we won’t accept it any more,” Matambo said.
He said that it was very unfortunate that three senior police officers were using the service to protect their own interests other than those of the Zambian people.
Mr Matambo also said that the officers should bear in mind that their salaries did not come from the PF but from the citizens of this country and they should therefore treat every Zambian equally. He said there was nothing special about Mr Mwaliteta and he must be treated using the same law because Zambia did not have special laws for particular individuals.
It was a big shame that police officers had allowed themselves to be used by the politicians a thing which had put them in conflict with the law and this had made them  brutalise innocent citizens, with impunity.