IG Stella Libongani should resign

Inspector General of Police Stella Libongani has failed to run the police service professionally and should resign, says MMD Copperbelt publicity secretary Yotam Mtayachalo.
Mr Mtayachalo said the Zambian police under the leadership of Ms Libongani is a threat to national security as she has lamentably failed to operate independently and should therefore quit the service.
Mr Mtayachalo said the behaviour of Ms Libongani if unchecked would lead to civil problems in the country because she has allowed politicians to use her to suit their style of running government.
He said the credibility of the police service is in doubt as she has failed to work professionally to investigate cases but has only concentrated on working on instructions from the executive.
Mr Mtayachalo said it was a shame to the police service  that government had continued to issue Nolle prosequi in many cases involving political victims because of its shoddy performance.
He said this showed that the police was not investigating cases but rather acting on political instructions in order to please the appointing authority.
“We know that we have a number of educated police officers who can do a good job but because of politics such hard working officers are denied an opportunity to serve in senior positions.
“Appointments to the police service should be based on merit and not patronage. Madam Libongani has failed and has proved to the nation that she is a PF cadre so she must resign.
“Zambians want a police service that would offer security to them and not a force that will just inflict pain in their lives. The police should be there to protect people and not only the party in government,” he said.
Mr Mtayachalo said in a civilised society the top brass of police was expected to resign on moral grounds for gross incompetence and lack of professionalism.
He particularly referred to the behaviour of the police in Livingstone towards UPND Mazabuka Member of Parliament Garry Nkombo and other opposition members who were arrested and charged wrongly, even in the lack of evidence.
He said that  police behaviour was unacceptable and left  much to be desired.
“We want to appeal to the police that they should discharge their duties professionally and impartially because Zambia belongs to everybody whether one is in the opposition or ruling party,” Mtayachalo said.

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