Immunity debate condemned

Lifting of immunities of successive past presidents is not a solution to the country’s needs, says Solwezi Central Member of Parliament Lucky Mulusa.
He said instead the solution lay with improving the public financial management landscape by amendments to existing legislation.
Reacting to reports of  impending lifting of President Rupiah Banda’s immunity by Parliament today Mr Mulusa said he had learnt with mild shock about the planned motion to lift President Banda’s immunity.
“In convincing our collective conscious that lifting of RB’s immunity is premature, misplaced and an act of vengeance by a few, let us understand why the vultures in the PF are behaving the way they,” he said.
Mr Mulusa who is in Addis Ababa at the African Union on Pan African Parliamentary duties said he and two  fellow MPs on the same mission, Hon Mazoka and Hon Mucheleka would miss registering themselves on the right side of history.
“ Not that our presence would make any difference to the outcome but we feel a sense of betrayal to the provision of the real solution that our country needs.” He said
He said as an emerging new generation of leadership, Zambians should concern themselves correcting the underlying conditions that gave birth to corrupt practices from government to government rather that bury themselves in serving personal revenge motives by petty little criminals with warped minds.
“ I urge you all fellow members of parliament regardless of the political party you belong to or your personal situation, that tomorrow (today) provides you an opportunity to be on the right side of history,
“Some of you might be holding ministerial positions but why should you be used in a venture that doers not serve the nation but serves the interest of a few? He asked
Mr Mulusa explained that some of the people behind the push of lifting the immunity and who will superintend over any confiscated assets were right in court preventing the public from knowing what they did with the missing assets grabbed from a similar exercise in the past.
He said that he would have been so glad to participate in the motion to remove RB’s immunity if the right steps had been taken and the right people were involved.
“PF has no allegiance to anyone but to the five individuals who reign supreme in the party,
“PF MPs ,MMD and UPND compromised MPS holding ministerial positions- reflect!” he said