Inept investigators

A dark cloud hangs over our country.
The decision  to subject former President Rupiah Bwezani Banda to a criminal prosecution system that has shown open unbridled bias, favoritism and incompetence is neither just, fair nor equitable.
This is a system that has shown all the characteristics of being controlled by individuals and groups that have personal vengeance and retribution to exact.
As a newspaper we have asked searching questions about the manner in which investigations have been undertaken, who initiated them, who authorized them and indeed on what basis were they conducted.
There have been no answers from the relevant authorities.
We have asked why both the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) and the so called joint Government investigative teams have failed to bring to book individuals responsible for massive plunder of resources reported by Bank of  Zambia.
There have been no answers.
We have as asked questions about Investigations surrounding the granting of a controversial oil supply contract to Trafigura, a company that has been banned in Malta,  over corruption allegation and giving kickbacks to authorities.
There has been no answer.
There is no substitute to an open, transparent and reliable criminal investigation system that enjoys the confidence of the people. There is no such confidence in our present institutions. The conduct of Wynter Kabimba at the ACC offices being an example of the travesty that has characterized bodies that should otherwise command respect.
The most important pillar of any democratic enterprise is an Independent broad-based Anti-Corruption institution that will investigate allegations of corruption against politicians and public servants without fear or favour.
If these investigative bodies can not  prosecute cases that have been  detailed in audit reports, some of them by the Bank of Zambia what guarantee is there that they will do a good job with the former President? Is he simply being sacrifice to appease external interests? or is it a question of the Government succumbing to pressure?
It is obvious that the dark forces of evil, avarice and vengeful hate threaten to strike a deadly blow against justice, equity and fairness.
Not even the Central Committee of the Patriotic Front (PF) nor Cabinet have control of the unfolding external dynamic  that is driving the scheme because it is beyond them. It is a dynamic that was set in motion long before the 2011 elections and has its antecedent and roots far beyond the present.
It is a scheme driven by evil men and women who have no regard for truth and integrity. To them the goal justifies the means. They will support a cause for as long as it yields their best interests.
Indeed for as long as President Levy Mwanawasa supported their cause he was showered with accolades, while they looted and pillaged and as soon as he awoke to the reality and attempted to severe the cord that bound them he became a much reviled individual.
In life they say fore warned is fore armed .