MMD will not support RB’s immunity removal

MMD will not support the motion to remove former President Rupiah Banda’s immunity expected to be tabled in parliament today, says party spokesperson.
In an interview after the party leadership addressed the media at parliament yesterday, Ms. Siliya said that the party will not support the motion because it was not beneficial to the nation and the people of Zambia.
Ms. Siliya said that the MMD will only support progressive ideologies, adding that the way the PF government wanted to table the matter to parliament was incorrect.
And speaking during the Press briefing MMD Vice president Administration Brian Chituwo said that MMD members were ready for the motion and will debate it.
Although Dr Chituwo did not state the way his party would handle the matter during the debate today, said that the removal of former President Banda’s immunity should not be trivialized for personal gains as it was a serious issue which needed foresight.
“We are ready to debate this issue in Parliament tomorrow (today) and make our position. This motion has nothing to do with Mr. Banda but the office he held. We need to ask ourselves question such as what value we have for this office. We feel more should have been done before this matter can be brought to parliament for debate,” said Dr Chituwo.
He said the motion had nothing to do with Mr Banda but the office he held, “what value do we have for this office. More should have been done before bringing it to the House”.
Dr Chituwo was flanked by MMD chief whip, Geoffrey Lungwangwa, party national secretary, Kapembwa Simbao, and national chairperson, Kabinga Pande said that it was in the best interest of justice that a proper procedure must have been done.
Meanwhile, Clerk of the National Assembly Doris Mwiinga refused to receive a High Court petition of former President Rupiah Banda on the intention to remove his immunity.
According to parliament sources who told the Daily Nation said that the petition which was saved on her office as the clerk of the national assembly was rejected saying should could not have it because it was parliament.
“We were surprised to see and hear her say that she cannot receive the petition. She said that this is parliament and you cannot petition parliament. But someone asked her that is parliament above the law? But we are also aware that there is a scheme of not taking the petition or informing the speaker of National Assembly for the matter go ahead,” said one parliament official.The official said that in a normal circumstance the clerk of the national assembly was supposed to receive and inform the speaker who was in turn going to consult with the parliamentary legal team on how to proceed with the matter.