Price controls on mealie meal anger Kitwe millers

THE decision by government to impose price controls on  mealie meal without taking into consideration production costs has angered millers in Kitwe.
The millers were further angered by the decision of the Kalulushi Town Clerk Eddie Mumba to impound a truck belonging to H.M milling which was selling the commodity to the public as a way of alleviating shortages in the area.
One miller who spoke on grounds of anonymity told the Daily Nation that it was unreasonable for government to come up with price controls on mealie meal without taking into consideration other costs millers were incurring.
With the government decision to impose prices on mealie-meal, millers would now stop taking mealie meal to far flung areas to reduce costs on their part.”Mealie meal is not like soil where you just go any where and start packing in a sack freely, we incur costs to produce mealie meal and so it is unreasonable for some one to wake up and say today mealie meal will cost K50. No, we need to be reasonable.
“We told this government that there are costs involved in the production of mealie-meal and we showed them how much we incur to produce mealie meal, but up to now, they are just quiet. They can’t say anything because our concerns are genuine,” said some millers in Kitwe.And some Millers in Kitwe were on Wednesday further annoyed when a truck from H.M milling which went to sell mealie meal in Kalulushi was impounded for selling the commodity in public.
The millers said they were shocked that the Kalulushi Town Clerk had decided to impound the mealie meal because the milling company was selling it in a public place.

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