Saunders carpets unprofessional Police

The police officers have been advised to investigate matters thoroughly before they decide to arrest an individual, says political analyst Dante Saunders.
In an interview with the Daily Nation, Mr Saunders noted that police officers were always in a hurry to arrest people before establishing facts on matters.
Mr Saunders accused some police officers of lacking professionalism in the manner they handled various matters, and advised that they should not use power to violate the rule of law.
He said it was unfortunate that the police were working under instructions from the top PF leadership, and have become unprofessional.
“This is really funny that today the police can say this, another day they say that, and where is professionalism. And such behaviour clearly shows that they are told what to do,” he said.
Mr Saunders claimed that intimidations of various institutions by the state also showed that the PF government was panicking.
He said having a government like the PF was wakeup call to all Zambians, including the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC), the judiciary as well as the Parliament.
He said the PF government had allowed unprofessionalism in the police service, adding that for as long as the police continued to be instructed, threats against innocent individuals would not stop.
“How do you expect the threats against innocent people to stop when the so called police expected to protect citizens are working under instructions from the State and this is clear because of the way they handle issues. The police have continued targeting people with divergent views to government, which is unfortunate,” he said.
He advised the law enforcement agencies to be vigilant and execute their work professionally rather than being used to fight political battles.