Ministers are lying-Nkombo

Western Province Minister Obvious Mwaliteta was lying that UPND Mazabuka Central Member of Parliament Garry Nkombo broke his arm when he was playing football in prison.

And Mr. Nkombo told parliament that he was disappointed that the three Ministers Siyvia Masebo, Obvious Mwaliteta and Edgar Lungu lied to the nation about events in Livingstone .

He said that the saddest part was that even the Minister of Home Affairs Mr. Lungu who was a lawyer chose to lie to the National Assembly, a situation he described as frightening for Zambia.

Mr. Nkombo appealed to President Michael Sata to restrain his members of parliament and Cabinet ministers from any form of violence failure to which he said they would set the country on fire.

Narrating his ordeal in parliament on Friday, Mr. Nkombo said that he did not kill anybody for him to deserve the treatment the PF government gave him and that his arm was broken by a physical attack from Mr. Mwaliteta.

He said that his arrest was politically motivated by people who had personal agendas to settle, adding that the route the PF government had taken in running the affairs of the nation was dangerous and disastrous.
Speaking in Parliament on Friday  Mr. Nkombo said that it was unfortunate that a police officer (Southern Province Police Commissioner Charity Katanga) decided to lie that he broke his arm when he was playing football in prison.

“Mr. Speaker Sir I find it difficult for the Minister of Home Affairs Edgar Lungu to come to this August House and tell a blatant lie that I was found in a house where the crime was committed, according to the Ministerial Statement he made,
“Mr. Speaker I was not and I did not resist arrest as indicated in this statement that Mr. Lungu made to this house. The person who resisted arrest was Honourable Request Muntanga and not me because I did not kill anybody,” he said.

Mr. Nkombo told parliament that Mr. Lungu who is PF Chawama Member of Parliament lied to the National Assembly.

“Mr. Speaker Sir was Mr. Lungu the Minister of Home Affairs in order to tell this August house a blatant lie that I resisted arrest? Mr. Speaker Sir I have come to learn that not everyone here loves me. Mr. Speaker Sir the 21 days I stayed in prison I have learnt a lot and I have come to realize that this government is too vindictive and it is time that they realized that their time is coming to an end sooner rather than later,” he said.

He said that it was unfortunate that the PF government was in the fore front of abusing the Police to inflict pain on innocent Zambians without any reason, adding that the trend they were setting was dangerous for the country.

Mr. Nkombo said that democracy dictates the need for divergent views, the criticisms the PF administration had not tolerated.The Mazabuka parliamentarian said that it was worrying where the PF government was taking the country to a dangerous place where even Members of Parliament who were victims had go to police to complain but they became the accused and abused by the police and the some politicians.

“My arm was broken by a PF Minister who was violent. And I have to also state that one of the Deputy Ministers of Home Affairs protested when he saw his colleague beating me. Sir I sustained a fractured arm, my ear can’t hear because of the beatings I was subjected to. I was assaulted by people we call honorable but I have to say that there is nothing honorable about this.

“Actually I am scared when I look at the Members on your right hand side. Not for me but for themselves because if they want my soul I am here and ready for them. But I have to warn them that they are taking this country to a dead end where they will not have anywhere to run to. They need to change and it is my appeal to President Sata to stop or restrain them from any form of violence,” he said.

And Mr. NKombo said that Western Province Minister Obvious Mwaliteta was the one who assaulted him and broke him arm in the presence of the police in Livingstone.He said that it was childish and intelligence bankruptcy for Mwaliteta to continue lying to the nation that he (Nkombo) broke his arm when he was playing football in prison.

‘Was he there in prison where that so called football was being played where I also broke my arm? I think he has just confirmed my suspensions that it is him who stole the medical report at hospital because he seems to know more about what transpired and what the Doctors found out. I will meet him in court,” he said.