Namulambe can not be trusted

Former MMD Elections Chairperson Gabriel Namulambe is a traitor who should not be trusted by the people of Zambia, says MMD Lusaka Province Youth Chairperson Watson Mtonga.
Mr. Mtonga said that it was shocking to see how Mr. Namulambe was today disparaging the MMD when he participated in all operation of the former ruling party.
He said that it was immoral for the Mpongwe parliamentarian to play a clean game today when he was still struggling to clean his image of cases he was appearing before the courts of law.
Mr. Mtonga warned that people such as Mr. Namulambe could not be trusted because they did not understand leadership.
He said that it was sad that Mr. Namulambe was now talking ill about his former ruling party and wa suggesting that the people would only receive development if they belonged to the ruling party.
“We want to challenge Namulambe over his constant attacks on the MMD. Namulambe was a Minister, a Deputy Minister and Permanent Secretary in the MMD government let him tell the nation what kind of development did he take to his constituency because he was minister? Namulambe is just a failure who doesn’t deserve attention by all right thinking Zambians,” he said.
Mr. Mtonga said that Namulambe was an opportunist who should not be allowed to continue deceiving the people of Zambia on issues of governance.
He said it was only right for Namulambe to tell the people of Zambia that he decided to join the PF because of the cases he was facing before the courts of law.
“We know this boy Namulambe. He has issues with the courts and what he wants is freedom from the PF government. He has auctioned his rights, he has auctioned his freedoms. We can even see the way he debates in parliament. He has betrayed the people of Zambia and the party he belonged,” he said.
Mr. Mtonga said that it was sad that at the expense of delivering development and demanding for justice Mr. Namulambe had chosen to sell his integrity by joining the PF the party he despised when he was minister.
He warned the PF government to be wary of people like Namulambe whose interests he said was self rather than the people and the party he won the election on.
“This must teach the PF a lesson that Namulambe is not worth it. He was one of the former President Rupiah Banda blue eyed boys who always wanted attention from the former head of state but  today he is the one talking ill about Mr. Banda. What will stop him to do the same when the PF is voted out of power in 2016?” he said.

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