Remain silent, RB advised

Former president Rupiah Banda has been advised not to answer any questions from the Joint Government Investigative Team because his evidence might be abused by enemy media which will quickly put him on public trial.

The advice has been given by human rights activist Brebner Changala  who said Mr Banda should elect to remain silent when he appears before the team this morning because it was evident that  some media houses were part of the investing team and could not respect the rights and obligations of the accused.

“The president should remain silent. He should not let himself be abused by enemy media which is capable of conducting notorious media trial which could become the order of the day,” he said

Mr Changala said it remained a fact that the entire nation was behind Mr Banda, evidenced by the messages of solidarity and encouragement urging him to remain firm and focused as he goes through trials and tribulations.

“A lot of Zambians are solidly behind Mr Banda. This is evidenced by numerous messages of encouragement and solidarity sent to Mr Banda and I know that the truth will set him free,” said Mr Changala at the weekend Mr Banda confirmed having received a police call out from the team for him to appear before it this morning.

“I am ready to face the law and I am thankful to all Zambians who have supported me. I am grateful to Zambians who have shown their support for me about the developing situation,” he said

Mr Banda said he was ready to go through the process for the final vindication.

Last Friday Parliament voted and lifted the immunity of former president Banda in a session that was characterised by controversy including a protest walk out by opposition members.

Three opposition members  who remained behind spokes against the motion with Kalomo Member of Parliament Request Muntanga accusing the executive of being overbearing, procedural and vindictive.