GYZ carpets PF over failed 600 health centres

Government has been castigated for failing to construct 600 health centers countrywide as earlier announced

The Gallant Youth in Zambia (GYZ) executive director Henry Mulenga said it was painful that development projects in the country were not being addressed but instead government was busy wasting colossal sums of money on useless by elections.

He questioned how government could find  huge sums of money for by-elections which were not budgeted  for and yet fail to finance such an important project..

Mr Mulenga accused the PF government of failing to develop the country because it had no plans to do so.

“What do you expect from the PF government, apart from being in power to fulfill their personal desires? ” he asked

Mr Mulenga urged advisers to the President to be open with him on numerous issues affecting the nation, as silence would not help solve current challenges.

He said the current situations in most of the government health centers were pathetic, adding that it was government’s responsibility to provide for the health needs of the people.

“Recently, government announced free medical services from public medical facilities, but take a look at what is happening in the current situation where patients are still queuing up not for medicines but prescriptions to buy medicines. These are some of the responsibilities government could have taken into account first,

“If all these national resources they are wasting on by-elections, Malawian Judge Chikopa’s luxury as well as commissions of inquiry among other things, are used on other things, Zambia could have gone a long way in terms of development.”

Last week,  Health Minister Joseph Kasonde announced that the construction of over 600 new health facilities was on hold as it will further strain the limited available resources.