PF Police harasss RB security

SOME police officers yesterday harassed and roughed up former President Rupiah Banda’s security staff when he presented himself before the Patriotic Front (PF) government Joint Investigative Team at the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC).

The police officers who openly said they were PF cadres physically harassed Mr Banda’s security aides claiming the former president’s security men were doing the same when Mr Banda was head of state.

The unruly police officers shocked other officers when they openly declared their party affiliation and rudely denied Mr Banda’s security aides entry into the DEC offices.

Mr Banda who arrived at the DEC offices was just entering DEC offices when some police officers pounced on his security aides claiming that they did not want them to continue following him.

When  Mr Banda’s security aides introduced themselves, the police officers roughly said they would not allow them entry into the offices because they were not known.

Mr Banda’s aides were verbally abused by the police officers even after they had produced their police identification cards.

The police officers who claimed they were strong supporters of President Sata and the PF were heard saying: “We are also Mr Sata’s police and we have the right to deny you entry here. We are cadres for the PF and you were also doing the same when he (Mr Banda) was in power. We do not know you and we can beat you up.”

The police officers did not want Mr Banda to be accompanied by anyone and most of the former MMD ministers and MPs were denied entry.

MMD vice-president for administration, Petauke MP Dora Siliya, Maxwell Mwale, Professor Godfrey Lungwangwa and MMD deputy National Secretary Chembe Nyangu were denied entry in the DEC premises.

But MMD president Nevers Mumba who had accompanied Mr Banda was allowed into the premises and was almost stopped from proceeding to the interviewing office.

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  1. RB has thousands of supporters than Kabimba, don’t fool around we don’t want innocent lives lost play it wise….fore warned….

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