Britain created evil cartel

A vicious cartel has taken total control of the three wings of government (executive, legislature and judiciary) leaving President Sata a mere spectator, says Zambia Direct Democracy president Edwin Sakala.

Mr Sakala said the situation was clearly demonstrated by President Sata’s maintenance of  a Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Mutembo Nchito who is riddled with serious criminal allegations  while his allies have taken full control of all strategic wings of government, including the media and police.

In a petition letter to the British government to help destroy the cartel which it helped to create, Mr Sakala passionately appealed to White Hall through the  British High Commission in Lusaka to save Zambia from the  path of political chaos and possible genocide which the cartel was deliberately fanning in an attempt to escape justice.

“Zambians are so cheated by the media that they cant see that the decision made by the Speaker to disregard and go ahead to debate a matter before a court of law was wrong and a clear exposure of whose interest he serves,

“This is more so when one takes into account that all the appointments of wrong people into powerful and key position like that of the DPP have been made under his term of authority,” said Mr Sakala

Mr Sakala said the British government should take some measure of blame for the situation prevailing in Zambia because of its failure to monitor the plunder and looting of huge funds after sponsoring the fight against corruption.

“The British government accepted to shoulder the cost of the corruption fight in Zambia. This fight however has been championed by some individuals that had their own interests to serve using resources from the British government,“In the end, some unsuspecting individuals ended up being victims. We have evidence to prove our case. Regrettably the British  government did nothing to ensure that the money which was donated to Zambia for fighting corruption was properly used and for intended purpose,” said Mr Sakala.

He said initially ZDDM gave the British the benefit of  doubt but his organisation could no longer hold  its anger after  Zambian auditors revealed that some individuals squandered trillions of the British money.

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