LAZ challenges Public Order Act

 The case in which the Law Association of Zambia has questioned the constitutionality of the Public Order Act opened in Lusaka yesterday.

The Association has stated that in its present form the Act infringes on Fundamental rights of assembly and association.The Association is seeking the quashing of sections of the Act which have criminalized meetings which are not consented to by the Police, in spite of the fact that the law does not require conveners of meetings to obtain a permit from the Police.

Speaking for the Association Mr. Chungu said that the right to assemble and Associate was cardinal in any working democracy and any attempts to truncate it were an abrogation of the constitution.

The Association which is being represented among other lawyers Vincent Malambo feels that the restrictions recently imposed by Government in incidents where Police have unleashed violence was not conducive to democracy.

The matter is being heard by High Court Judge Evans Hamaundu.