RB speaks out

FORMER President Rupiah Banda says he is being victimised by the PF government but that he is happy that Zambians will know the truth when his case is over.

Mr Banda charged that his prosecution by the Patriotic Front (PF) government will only satisfy the needs and egos of those in control of state power.

And the legal team representing former President Banda has stated that the summoning of the former head of state for questioning by the Patriotic Front government Joint Investigative Team at the Drug Enforcement Commission was nothing but a fishing expedition only meant to waste tax payers’ money.

For the second day running, the PF Joint Investigative Team has failed to find a case to link the former president to an array of allegations that the government through Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba spelt out in Parliament last Friday.

The team that started their questioning of Mr Banda at about 10:00 hours soon after his arrival at DEC offices failed to conclude their work and have since adjourned their investigations to Friday this week.

He said his suffering at the hands of the PF government was for the best interest of the Zambians because they would eventually come to know the truth.

Mr Banda said as President of the country during his time, he tried hard to unite the country by preaching peace and reconciliation by burying the past wounds that had left the country divided.

Mr Banda explained that his best desire when he was President was to concentrate on development and that was the reason he was determined to ensure that there was infrastructure development in all sectors of the economy.

“Perhaps my persecution will satisfy your egos and needs but the truth will certainly come out. I was the President of this country and I tried very hard to bury the past so that we could concentrate on development. I wanted us as a nation to focus our energies on the difficulties people were going through,” Mr Banda said.

And the legal team representing the former head of state has said that Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba did not tell Parliament the truth when he said investigations into the alleged cases against Mr Banda had been concluded.

The defence team led by Sakwiba Sikota said the Joint Investigative Team were now looking for evidence that would be linked to the allegations that were tabled to Parliament leading to the removal of Mr Banda’s immunity from prosecution.

Mr Sikota told journalists after the investigations were adjourned for the second day running that the exercise to prosecute Mr Banda was nothing but yet another fishing expedition that would only see national resources getting plundered by those championing the crusade to persecute former leaders.

Mr Sikota said that it was frustrating that the Joint Investigative Team were now still investigating the matter when government had said such investigations had been concluded and closed.

He said it was not surprising that the Joint Investigative Team were now looking for evidence to fit the crimes President Banda has been accused off.“This is another fishing expedition and they are doing it the wrong way.

They are now looking for evidence to fit the crimes our client has been accused of. This is when they are looking for facts and I can tell you this is a waste of time and money,’ Mr Sikota said.