Col. Panji ruled offside

Colonel Panji Kaunda’s advice to the Catholic Priest Fr. Charles Chilinda to report corrupt ministers and members of parliament to law enforcement agencies is the highest form of corruption and hypocrisy exhibited by the PF leadership, observes political activist Brebner Changala.

In an interview with the Daily Nation, Mr. Changala said that he was shocked that Col. Panji had the gall to stand and challenge a man of God about corruption in the PF government when the mover of the motion to remove immunity of former President Rupiah Banda was facing serious and ugly corruption allegations.

Mr. Changala said that the current crop of institutions entrusted to investigate corruption such as the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) were corrupt and compromised to a level where they have lost their objectives and aims to serve the people.

“The advice by Panji is the highest form of hypocrisy because I am sure that some of his superiors among them Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba is a subject of corruption allegations which are still being investigated by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC).

“But we know that he was cleared by his friendly newspaper. So what is he talking about? These institutions Panji is talking about are extremely corrupt and compromised. They no longer serve the interest of the people,” he said.

He said that Zambia was a failed state because of leaders such as Col. Panji Kaunda, whose attitude was not in the best interest of the country, adding that the PF leadership did not believe in truth and criticism from those that had observed lapses in the way they were governing.

Mr. Changala said that Col. Panji should know that the PF government was the most corrupt regime Zambia has ever had and that it lacked direction in the way of governance.

“Panji should not think that Zambians are foolish people who don’t know what is happening in this country. Maybe I should tell him how corrupt ACC is, they have failed to investigate the corruption of DPP Mutembo Nchito, the police have refused to arrest Obvious Mwaliteta for assaulting UPND MP Garry Nkombo in Livingstone. Let them go and investigate the looting at Bank of Zambia,” he said.

He said that it was unreasonable for a man holding the rank of Colonel to think in such a shallow way by challenging or defending wrong things that he was able to see in his own government.

Mr. Changala said that the PF government unlike Panji must heed to the observations made by Fr. Chilinda if they were to promote unity of purpose in the country.

He said that the PF’s fight against corruption targeted at particular individuals was nothing but a fight to settle political scores by those wielding the instrument of power.

“Look at this man he keeps reminding the nation how his father ruled the nation and how he suffered at the hands of the MMD. But he has also easily forgotten that some of the people championing the fight against corruption in the PF government and leadership are well known corrupt elements that have refused to be investigated and have full support of presidential powers.

“You saw what happened at the ACC office, this is not something that I should labour talking about. Today they go to parliament and move a motion to remove RB’s immunity. Only corrupt minds would support such a corrupt and uncredible way of doing things,” he said.

Mr. Changala warned that Col. Panji had nothing to offer to the nation’s developmental agenda apart from defending egoism and attacking those that were critically and objectively warning the government about corruption and the need for tolerance and forgiveness.