Dora’s accusers are morally bankrupt-Kaingu

People calling for the Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini to discipline Petauke MMD Member of Parliament Dora Siliya for raising a middle figure to protest the lifting of former President Rupiah Banda’s immunity are morally and culturally bankrupt, says MMD vice president for Politics Michael Kaingu.

Dr. Kaingu said that it was shocking that some section of society were calling for the expulsion of Ms. Siliya for no apparent good reason.

He  said that raising of a middle finger was just a symbol and those suggesting that she had insulted were being dirty in mind.

“I am challenging those that are saying that Ms. Siliya insulted when she raised her middle finger in protest of the action by parliament to lift the immunity of president Banda when the matter was already before court. In which Zambian culture or tradition does it say that it is an insult? That is being morally bankrupt and dirty,” he said.

Dr. Kaingu said that political parties had symbols such as that of the Patriotic Front (PF) fist which in a normal situation would related it to a violent person or a fighter.

“But does that PF fist symbol mean that they are violent, they want to fight? Or should I take a PF member who raises the party symbol on me to police for threatening violence? Who has condemned that symbol?

The UPND has a cutting palm, and in Karate it means something but should I take UPND to court for that symbol? So those calling for the disciplinary action against Ms. Siliya should search themselves and see their conscience because the culture studies that I have done raising a middle finger is not an insult,” he said.

Dr. Kaingu who is MMD Member of Parliament for Mwandi Constituency said that it was petty for the PF to continue lodging unreasonable and hate politics against the opposition, adding that soon than later posterity would judge them harshly.

He said that the PF had a responsibility to address issues affecting the people of Zambia such as  political crisis, shortage of mealie meal and youth unemployment.

“The people of Zambia will only support a government that is able to provide for its people, they will only support a government that will stick to its promises, they will only be behind a government that will not cheat young people with more money in their pockets when they are busy sharing the wealth of the country themselves. The people of Zambia will only commit themselves to a government which will not selectively fight corruption,” he said.

He said it was therefore, shallow for some people to call Ms. Siliya names when she had not done anything wrong, “actually the sign she used is a mock symbol so for anyone to suggest that she insulted then ” I doubt their thinking”.

And MMD’s die-hard Bowman Lusambo has warned embattled Zambia Union of Financial and Allied Workers (ZUFIAW) secretary general Joyce Nonde Simukoko to stop attacking Ms. Siliya.

“Ba Nonde can you concentrate on your issues in the union. We know that you are being used by people to attack the opposition. Mr. Lusambo urged Ms. Nonde Simukoko to instead direct her remaining energy in advising President Sata to stop abusing parliament for personal benefit and for promoting hate speech.

“Madam Nonde should just  play her role as a watchdog to Mr. Sata. Let her advise Mr. Sata to stop hate politics and the abuse of parliament for personal gains.

“This government is abusing authority and democratic institutions such as the judiciary, the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC), the police and many others,” he said.