Arrest Nkandu Luo

Munali Member of Parliament Professor Nkandu Luo should be arrested for mismanagement of the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) which she authorized to be paid to the University of Zambia Students’ Union (UNZASU).

Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) president Andrew Ntewewe said the law should be seen to be fair with all the involved parties regardless of their position in government.

“We demand that the Minister of Chiefs Prof. Luo should be arrested immediately because coz we are aware of the guidelines for CDF which resources can be used for infrastructure development or as capital expenditure, it can not be used for any donations,” he charged.

Mr. Ntewewe said YALI was disappointed with the action of the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) over their action against the young person involved in the case of forgery while the senior government official was left without charge.

He said law enforcement agency should be fair in their implementation of justice by treating everybody fairly instead of choosing who to indict.

“It is absolutely unfortunate that our leaders have continued to abuse young people, that the UNZASU president has found himself incarcerated by forging documents and for receiving resources by a greedy MP,” he said.

He said Prof Luo was aware of the guidelines over the CDF disbursement principles and has called for an explanation as to why the funds were given to the students’ body.

He said CDF should be used for specific activities outlined in the guidelines which the MP chose to ignore when she handed over the money to the students.

“We all know how the CDF should be spent and Prof Luo must also be answerable over the disbursement of funds in the case which involves the UNZASU president Ali Tunkara,” he said.

Mr. Ntewewe explained that the charges against the student leader should be co-joined with to the MP who authorized payment of to the students, which was a high level of corruption exhibited in the current government.

He said his organisation was not going to defend Tunkara who was well aware of the guidelines over the constituency moneys, but that he should be reprimanded with Prof Luo as plotters against the illegal disbursement of the CDF. and not biased against some people while it seems to favour a select few.