ECZ, HRC irrelevant

Another political activist has demanded that the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) and the Human Rights Commission (HRC) should be disbanded because they have become irrelevant to society.

Former MMD presidential aspirant Nason Msoni claimed that in its current form, the ECZ could not conduct a credible and acceptable election.

He said it was pointless for the country to continue bankrolling incompetent institutions that are failing to live up to the expectations of Zambians such as the ECZ and the HRC.

Mr Msoni also said that the Human Rights Commission was a lost cause and were redundant of the very issues that go with human rights as their voice was nowhere to be heard when victims were crying for justice.

“The truth is that the Human Rights Commission is just an employment agency for people and officials to receive personal emoluments and earn a living and nothing more.

“Therefore it would serve our people well to channel these funds allotted to these institutions to important areas of need such as dilapidated schools and hospitals that are lacking essential drugs.

He said it was wastage of state resources to have commissions that served only the interest of the party in government.

“What we saw happening in Mpongwe and Livingstone by-elections cannot be said to represent a credible and acceptable election process,” Msoni sold.

He said it was a shame for ECZ and HRC declare those elections free and fair when the environment was not conducive for the electorates.

The political analyst advised the opposition to keep their dignity by not participating in clearly shambolic and fraudulent elections until there were constitutional reforms that guaranteed the holding of free and fair elections.

He said under the current electoral set up it was losers who were declared winners and not the opposite.

“Ultimately it is the quality of Parliament that is grossly compromised as some of the individuals smuggled into parliament under this method can’t even debate motions. MPs must be sent to parliament by the people and no MP should be imposed on the people,” he said.