Kabimba not aware of charges…

Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba admitted that he was not aware of the charges that the Anti Corruption Commission had cleared him for.

He said the Commission had informed him that he was cleared on the cases that the commission was investigating him on.

The clearance of Mr Kabimba came through the media after President Michael Sata warned the investigations wing to seek permission from him before investigating his ministers.

The ACC had invited Mr Kabimba for an interview at their offices but Mr Kabimba intimidated the staff at the institution by bringing a hoard of PF cadres along with him who caused commotion at the ACC offices.

He said the ACC had cleared him but did not know on what charges.

The justice minister said that it was surprising that some people still referred to the casy.

“I wonder why people refer to the ACC case. I have been cleared by the ACC but I don’t know the charges that the institution cleared me for. Why do people talk about my case with the ACC.

“Even the Transparency International Zambia wrote to me questioning my clearance but I have challenged the TIZ to bring in an independent investigator to come and investigate me.

They claim to have written to me but I haven’t seen the letter and if they don’t I will take other means,” Kabimba said.

But a civil rights activist Brebner Changala has charged that it was clear that the ACC had turned into a criminal organisation because it was now immune to the interest of the country.

Mr Changala said the institution was just on government payroll but it had no proper standing for Zambians.

He said that the ACC under the management of Ms Rosewin Wandi had lost the direction for which it was created for.

“How can the ACC clear a person whom they have never interviewed? Ms Wandi is not a professional and is a disgrace. They came out in the open and told the nation that they had been investigating the minister of justice but they have failed to come out in the open to tell us that the person they had been investigating had been cleared.

“This is why we are saying this Commission should be disbanded because it has only remained relevant to the government as a tool of operation to their perceived enemies.

Armcor security operates much more efficiently and with honour than this institution,” he said.

Mr Changala said it was shocking that even Mr Kabimba did not know what he was cleared for.

He said it was unprecedented that the ACC could decided to clear someone who has not been investigated.