PF wasting time on irrelevant matters

The PF government is wasting a lot of time on irrelevant issues at the expense aaof developing the nation, says Gallant Youth of Zambia (GYZ) director Henry Mulenga

Mr Mulenga expressed worry over the pace the affairs of the nation were being handled by the PF government.

He said in an interview that the people of Zambia were tired of hearing issues that only benefit those in power.

He noted that Zambia was exhibits negative economic growth because of the PF leadership`s abuse of the law.

Mr Mulenga said for as long as the PF government continued to breach the law on various issues, democratic governance in Zambia was sure to collapse.

He alleged that the absence of President Sata at public events left much to be desired, especially that he appeared reluctant to inform the public about whatever was going in the nation.

Mr Mulenga claimed that the people of Zambia voted for Mr Sata and not any other cabinet officials who perhaps wanted to overtake the presidency`s role.

“I think President Sata`s absence at public events leaves much to desired, because we don’t know what is going on. Many of the presidential assignments are usually handed over to other government officials. We want the President to find time and address national issues and talk to the people of Zambia,’ he said.

“Mr Sata should therefore show interest in the deteriorating democratic governance in the nation before the situation worsens,” he said

“We are in a sinking titanic now, and whether the PF likes it or not they must admit that they have failed Zambians. For how long are they going to divert the attention of Zambians.“ he said.