Sata difficult person to advise

President Michael Sata is very difficult person to advice, says MMD Solwezi Central Member of Parliament Lucky Mulusa.

In his weekly write up, Mr. Mulusa observed that President Sata, will probably go down in the history of the country as the worst president that ever ruled Zambia.

He said Mr Sata had failed to observe several constitutional provisions right from the first day of duty, when he over nominated MPs.

“The latest being a second instruction to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Mutembo Nchito to prosecute a citizen,

“Nchito is a shadow of the Sata we knew, as governor of Lusaka, and Minister of health when he seemed to be allergic to sloppy work culture and earned himself the nickname of action man,” he said.

Mr. Mulusa said that Zambia was a deeply divided nation on tribal and political lines perpetuated by those in leadership, adding that the scenario was retrogressive economically and politically.

He said that it was sad that the bad governance of the PF had attracted the concern of the international and investor community.

“The complexity of governance has completely eluded him, and he has failed to provide a coherent policy direction, resulting in the country receiving the first negative outlook rating from the credit rating agencies.

” He has failed to attract any other presidential visit beyond Mugabe‚Äôs who has also started snubbing him. Even those to whose aid he has rushed, such as President Joyce Banda of Malawi, have failed to regard him suitable company. Presidents of countries he has visited such as Botswana, Angola and South Africa have shied away from reciprocating his visits,” he observed.

Mr. Mulusa observed that it was also unlikely that under his presidency, Zambia would be given an opportunity to host any gathering of heads of states as it was traditional under all the presidents before him.

“Nor can the region give any mediation role as was the case for Kaunda (Independence of several states, and Kenya/Somalia conflict-1967), Chiluba (Angolan peace accord – 1994, and the DRC/Great Lakes Region Conflict),” he said.

Mr. Mulusa advised President Sata not to be difficult to advise, adding that he should break the PF manifesto into key economic areas that would benefit the people of Zambia and not individuals as the case was now.

“President Sata is very difficult man to advise. He is in his own world. But what his office should do, is to breakdown the PF manifesto into Key Performance Areas (KPAs) for all his Cabinet Ministers and should then should sign performance agreements with them.,” he said.

He also advised President Sata to choose suitable governance options that would speak to the unique challenges of the nation to position for global world challenges.

Mr. Mulusa said that the PF government did not have policy predictability and policy consistency which made it difficult for the system to function, adding that the type of governance predicts the nature of investments the country would attract.

“When investors want to invest in your country, they need to place you somewhere and they would like to identify and predict the policy direction you are likely to take according to your clear identity.

He said that it was unfortunate that President Sata had been found wanting and not to possess any diplomatic etiquette, and neither was he found to have any state craftsmanship required for the job of president of the Republic of Zambia.