Stop disparaging the Bandas, Panji told

Col Panji Kaunda has been warned to refrain from disparaging the Rupiah Banda family because posterity would judge him harshly.

Former Zambian High commissioner to India Andrew Banda said Works and Supply deputy minister Col Panji Kaunda should be sensitive to issues of the family because he was not as clean as he claims and his conduct was un Zambian.

Mr Banda was reacting to sentiments by Mr Kaunda that the Kaunda’s were walking with heads high unlike the sons of the former President Rupiah Banda.

“I dare Panji to tell the Zambians the truth about his life and the monies he invested in Lupenga Holdings. He should not pretend to be clean, we know him very well and his behaviour is unZambian,” he said.

“We have respected them but in Nyanja we say “Choipa chisata mwine”. We are not guilty and we challenge him to provide evidence that will incriminate us. I am serving a notice to the PF genuine members that these people will run away when they are in problems. PF must be wary of the Kaunda factor.

“I have kept quiet for long time but I think I need to talk. Real PF members don’t talk much, they only concentrate on delivering to the people but those that have selfish motives are always talking. Bear in mind that he is not col, he is Mr Panji Kaunda.

“How can Panji say all this when he was declared bankrupt and who could have given him a job and he is even proud to say he is walking his head high. We don’t object to what we are going through but we are saying procedure must be followed,” he said.

Mr Banda said Fr Charles Chilinda had every right as a citizen to comment on issues that were affecting the people of Zambia including Panji.

He said it was unfortunate that Col. Kaunda had decided to talk about issues of the family in such a manner in order to please his masters.

He said that it was shocking that Col. Kaunda came out so strongly in parliament last Friday that it was a tradition of the house to subject former heads of state to this type of treatment.

And Mr Banda has dared Col. Kaunda to explain to Zambians where he got the money that he invested in Lupenga Holdings a company that run Lupenga Airways then.

The former high commissioner said he did not believe that the benefits from his father enabled Mr Kaunda to invest in the now defunct airline.

“We understand why Panji is saying all these things about the Banda family because he wants to please his masters that have appointed him to his current position.

“Panji must be a bit sensitive to issues of the family. I am speaking as Andrew, that am from court now and am walking with my head high. What is he saying about my family? Panji is not clean. Can he tell Zambians who was there for his family when things had gone bad for them?

“His own son was kept by one of my brothers in the United Kingdom when he had nothing to offer his children. I warn him to refrain from talking about us because we don’t want to say a lot on what he went through.

“Can Panji Kaunda leave us alone, we are not guilty and I ask him to learn to be grateful. We are so close to the Kaunda family but it’s unfortunate that he is trying to please his master in such a way. I want to tell him that do unto others as you would want them do unto you,” he said.

Mr Banda has since warned the Patriotic Front leadership to watch out for the Kaunda factor because they had a hidden agenda.

He wondered how the Kaunda’s would support a party whose members accused Panji of hiding arms in Sindamisale.

“I dare him to state if am not correct. Everyone ran away when Dr Kaunda was going through trials except for my father. When his businesses went down we were there for them and up to now we still walk with our heads high,” he said.

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