Wither to the constitution?

NAREP on the Copperbelt has demanded that the government should provide a clear outline of the road map for the constitution making process.

Party coordinator Jevan Kamanga said government should provide a clear outline and show how much would be spent on the whole process, because a lot of money had already been spent so far.

He said that the people of Zambia wanted to know when the country would have a final document that would benefit them.

Mr Kamanga observed that the process could not be accepted by the people if adoption of contentious clauses in the Constitution was left  in the camp of the Patriotic Front.

“Nothing will stop the Zambian people from support clauses they consider fit for the country. but attempt to manipulate the Constitution making process will be met with resistance by the people who want a document that will stand the test of time, as colossal sums of money is being spent,” he said.

He claimed that the process had taken  long and needed the government’s explanation to clear citizens on the route that would be taken and the timeframe for the constitution making process to be finalized.

“It will be hypocrisy and out of order for the PF government to run away or go against what the people of Zambia are expecting in the final document, and there is need for all stakeholders to keep check of the activities in the constitutional making process. We know that some people are not happy with these clauses that the majority were advocating for but we just have to have them in our constitution, “he said.

The continued delays in finalising the constitutional review process is said to be costing the country billions of Kwacha that government would need to account for if the document was not meeting people’s demands.

Zambians must endorse and have the ultimate voice about a document on which they aspire to be governed. And we need to see a final document in June 2013 deadline, because government announced this on its own to avoid unnecessary and extra expenditure from government coffers.

Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba recently declared June 2013 as the deadline for the new constitution.